Everyone remembers a teacher who changed one’s life, whose opinion was always interesting and important to hear. In Free School there is a team of such teachers, each is ready to go through all the school challenges hand in hand with the child, helping, criticizing, spreading their enthusiasm, confidence and sense of humor from the first days until the graduation and beyond.

Executive team

Avtandil Kiknadze

Founder, Chairman

Ketevan Kiknadze

Head of Innovation & Development Department

Academic team

Tamar Burdzgla

Head of Languages and Literature Department

Joe Soso Lombardelli

Head of Foreign Languages department

Tamar Kipiani

Head of Mathematics Department

Sophio Akhobadze

Head of Science department

George Gaphrindashvili

Head of Social studies department

Tamar Firosmanashvili

Head of Arts Department

George Gegenava

Head of Physical Education Department

Oliko Kiladze

Head of IT Department