Led by Avtandil Kiknadze, the management team studied the best practices of top schools in Georgia, the United States, Great Britain, Singapore, Finland and China and personally visited many of them. Thorough research revealed key features that determine success, allowing school to crystalize the vision: The custodian of knowledge should become the school itself, and not a specific teacher. The loss of even the most talented teacher cannot lead to a deterioration in the quality of education. In addition, thanks to feedback from students, teachers and parents, the school is constantly updated. It improves itself, it is always updated and develops, without losing its uniqueness.

Avtandil Kiknadze aims to create a school of the highest educational standards but, more importantly, he dreams of making Free School a beloved and happy part of every student’s life, creating a strong alumni of graduates who feel proud to be a part of a powerful, engaging and closely connected community.